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You can believe me or not but this is a pic from beautiful show ground CACIB & CAC Cyziowka was very happy for our team:
🐾 WOLVERINE Krol Popradu (Cirneco dell'Etna) - 2x Excellent 1, JCAC, CAC, CACIB, 2x BOB and 
🏆res BEST OF GROUP !!!!🏆
🐾 resWW'17 PIECE OF CAKE Livolly (tibby) - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED and super description with "very beautiful handling" note, wow! 
🐾 NELL Brie Belle (briard) - Ex1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOS - she started her way to Interchampionship!
Owner: Anna Mikuła Kubicz 🌸
🐾 DAISY Margareiro (great dane) - Ex1/2 , CAC, res.CACIB in age 17 months!!! 
Owner: Barbara Burek 🌹
🐾 BRITA Markarowi (irish wolfhound) - 2x Ex1 with CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED!!!! 
Owner: Piotr Pastuła
🐾 ABBEY Nightingale Gold (JRT) - Ex1/6, CAC and in comparison with owner Marta Słowik CACIB  !!! What a star  !!!!
🐾 KAZUMI Bohemian Touch - Ex4/9 in strong junior class this time 
Thank You owners and judges, thanks friends for great time together  Thank You Greg Zal for help  
I think now it is time to rest.
It is not GOODBYE, it is SEE YOU at autumn shows